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Euro Palletts Euro Pallets & Metal Pallets
Automotive Pallets Automotive Pallets
Custom Built Pallet Steel Pallets
Retention Cages Retention Cages
Transport Cages Metal Cages, Bins & Wiremesh Containers
Plain Pallets & Roll Containers Plain Pallets & Roll Containers
Transport Equipment Transport & Warehouse Equipments
Warehouse Equipment Wood Packaging Division
Drum Handling & Gas Storage Drum Handling & Gas Storages
Leading Pallet Manufacturer in India & Exporters in USA, UK, Italy, Russia, Tajikistan, France, Nigeria, Germany & Switzerland


Today Mekins products travel across the globe and we have been satisfying large multinationals and Fortune 500 Companies. Mekins products are regularly exported to countries like France, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, Switzerland, Tajikistan, UK, USA and the list goes on.

Exporting Pallets

  Pallets Exporters